via @manoftheworld Paul Newman and Robert Redford playing Ping Pong in Mexico. Photo: Lawrence Schiller

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Our housecut DB suit in mohair

quite possibly the worst copy that has ever been written. good god i’ve never read anything this bad since inventory. how many frigging colons and semicolons can there be?! what the fuck is going on there?! how to be taught something by someone who has no idea what the fuck they’re talking about.20


Like pizza and sex, there is no such thing as bad cotton, only varying degrees of goodness, and here are a few things that really good cotton can do for you: It absorbs moisture readily and enables evaporation; it draws heat away from the skin; it “breathes” helping air circulate and pass through its open weave; it holds a press well but holds a slight rumple even better; it gets softer with age (usually) as its coloring gets more interesting (always); and from socks and sweatpants to suits and dress shirts, there is no article of really good cotton clothing - in summer or any other season- that won’t serve its wearer well.

#womw #Rolex 1803 white gold wide boy dial.

A grail watch I’ve wanted for years. Thanks to a good friend who parted with it lovingly.

one of my favorite songs ever written.


Antonio Liverano.

Casual elegance.

me at the @liverano_liverano screening for @thearmourynyc


We’re pleased to announce the USA premiere screening of I Colori Di Antonio, our documentary about Antonio Liverano directed by Gianluca Migliarotti of O’Mast fame. The screening will be on the 3rd of April at the SVA Theatre in Chelsea at 6.45PM, followed by a Q&A with the director and refreshments afterwards. It’s always fun to connect with people interested in tailoring. Antonio is one of the legends of the industry and it’s been a pleasure to tell his story to the world.

Tickets are available from our website here.


Details - Houndstooth

Taka at Liverano e Liverano

Coming first week of April to the Armoury NY!


Well worn Hurlingham bag by Ettinger

damn this dude is cool


BEST STYLE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday nights with the Peg.
Luv my pup.